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Hideout 2018 – Aftermovie

So we’ve officially been and gone to Hideout Festival, 2018!! I wasn’t sure what to expect at all before going, but I ended up having the time of my life. Some of my favorite acts that I saw included Mall…


Flyte Drink – Clean energy drink review

So it’s new years resolutions season! I spoke about these resolutions and how important it is to set clear goals and create sustainable habits in my last post. A personal goal of mine this year, is cut back on my…


The importance of conquering your fears

As human beings, we aren’t truly happy unless we are growing and learning constantly. One part of this comes from conquering your fears and overcoming small anxieties. There may be goals that you want to achieve in your lifetime that…


A Weekend At Montecarlo

So after we spent 5 days in Orlando, we finally got to Montecarlo in Miami Beach!! I hadn’t made a trip that far south in Florida for years (or at an age I could remember), so it was really nice…



So this week I came across an article talking about the act of eating intuitively. Apparently it can help put you in a healthy mental state whilst you’re losing weight. As someone who’s dealt with negative feelings towards my own…