HAIR GOALS – Bleach London Fade To Grey Review

If you know me, you’ll know that I’ve been talking about going grey with my hair for the LONGEST amount of time. I did have pastel hair a few years back! However, I often opted for a change of weave before braving the grey.

bleach london fade to grey charcoal toner review joksie

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Bleach London Fade To Grey Charcoal Toner Review & Swatches


I thought 2 packs would have been enough but I was so wrong! I ended up using about 3 and 1/2 in the end to do a full head of veeerry thick hair.

I’d recommend that you BUY MORE PACKS THAN YOU NEED (from Boots or Superdrug) and take them back if you don’t need them. Bleach even recommends this in their directions, it’s better to have more & end up not needing it!


Developing Lotion,
Reincarnation Mask,
1 Pair of Plastic Gloves,
Instruction leaflet.

I have my own mixing bowl and brush. These aren’t a necessity, but just a byproduct of the way I prefer to work.


The directions state you should put the colourant into the developing lotion, shake and use accordingly. I actually mixed the solutions in a bowl first. I then painted onto the hair from bottom to top, focusing on the BROWN ombré section at the top. These were the most orange, and would be very noticeable if not toned properly!


I tried firstly by using their method – pouring some solution onto the hair and rubbing it in, but I struggled to get an even spread. I found painting the solution on to be much faster and I got better coverage that way.

The colour develops PRETTY quickly as well, so you must work fast!

After letting the hair develop for a maximum of 20 mins, I washed it using their Smoky Shampoo.


I found it slightly hard to make ALL of the hair the same colour, but the overall shade is the greyest I’ve seen so far! Some parts didn’t quite make it to grey, so I had to do some touch ups. I ran out of the fade to grey, so I used the smoky shampoo.


(P.S. The hair above is quite dry because I skipped the reincarnation mask stage. The hair was damaged from bleaching so I’ve been using protein treatments on it. DON’T SKIP THE CONDITIONING PART IF YOU WANT LOVELY, SHINY SOFT HAIR!!)



To tint with the smoky shampoo, I painted it on TOWEL DRIED hair and let it sit for around 5 mins. I did this only in sections that weren’t grey enough. After washing out the shampoo, those sections seemed to have caught up with the rest, in terms of the shade.

RATING: 3.7/5

This dye ACTUALLY came out a charcoal grey, unlike other dyes that leave your hair a gross bluey green/grey colour that I’ve seen! The application felt a little tricky, but other than that, if you know what you’re doing I’d totally recommend this dye.

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I AM BY NO MEANS A HAIRCARE PROFESSIONAL OR STYLIST, SO PLEASE TAKE ALL ADVICE WITH A PINCH OF SALT. If you're unsure of anything, please consult with a licensed hair care professional so your hair doesn't burn and fall out!!!!!!  **


  1. July 1, 2018 / 7:47 am

    Love the result you had ! The colour looks really nice. Did the smoky shampoo was helpful to keep the colour ?

    • joksie
      July 2, 2018 / 10:40 am

      Yes it did! I still use the shampoo now. If hair gets really brassy, I sometimes apply purple shampoo on dry hair then wash out for even more toning action x

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