Flyte Drink – Clean energy drink review

So it’s new years resolutions season! I spoke about these resolutions and how important it is to set clear goals and create sustainable habits in my last post. A personal goal of mine this year, is cut back on my sugar and dairy intake.

I’ve already switched from cow’s milk to almond milk and in doing so I’ve found that my coffee & eggs just don’t taste the same! I’d almost given up getting my caffeine fix in the morning until recently when I tried this new energy drink: enter Flyte!

I’m a huge fan of this new energy drink. It’s organic & non-GMO. The energy boost comes at the expense of a mere 40 calories, which is basically next to nothing. It has no artificial sweeteners hidden in it either, but its full of fruity flavor. I’m not too big on Red Bull or Monster because of the huuuge caffeine crash I get mid-afternoon from them, but this drink doesn’t give me that.

Bursting with flavour

I’ve tried the four flavors which are: Orange Clementine, Citrus Lemon, Red Berries & Green Mango.

My favorite flavor is definitely red berries. I can’t get enough of it. I’ll usually find myself drinking one guilt-free, 30 minutes before a workout. I usually pair it with a banana for a bit of energy.

So what’s your health new years resolution? Here’s to reaching our goals this year!!


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