The importance of conquering your fears

As human beings, we aren’t truly happy unless we are growing and learning constantly. One part of this comes from conquering your fears and overcoming small anxieties. There may be goals that you want to achieve in your lifetime that you THINK you’re making great strides towards. In reality, we could often be avoiding tasks that could contribute greatly to the achievement of that goal due to fear or anxiety.

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Some people are too scared to go to the gym for fear of judgment, so they won’t get the body that they want. Others are scared to ask for the promotion they want, or to ask out the girl/guy that they like… the list goes on.


What are you afraid of?

I’ve been having a think about fears that I’ve conquered recently and anxieties that I’ve overcome. I used to absolutely hate flying! I’d have some sort of panic attack every time I boarded a plane.  I would stare out of the window, gripping my seat in fear everytime the plane made an obscure noise or dropped in height suddenly due to turbulence. As you can imagine, it wasn’t a pleasant experience! I’ve also had a few anxiety run-ins with starting exercise again (since my Achilles rupture), and riding huge roller coasters (I haven’t been to Thorpe park for years!!).

Moving Forward

I am a strong believer in doing something every day that will help contribute towards your goals. It could be something as little as a 10-minute exercise circuit or adding more veggies to your plate. You don’t have to do something huge every day!


How can you beat your fears?

It’s going to sound like common sense, but sometimes you simply must face up to them. Head on, no-nonsense. If something seems too big to tackle in one go, start chipping away at it daily.


For example, when I first started going to the gym, I was one of those “omg people are going to stare at me and laugh” type of gym goers. I was overly paranoid. Other people don’t really care what you’re up to since they’re too busy focusing on their own workout. In my mind, though they MUST be laughing at ME, because I’m probably not doing something correctly.

Were they?  No. In this instance, I started by going to the gym really early in the morning and running just after sunrise. The fewer people there were about, the more comfortable I felt. It was a small step, but I was doing something every day to help reach my goals. Soon I started exercising late at night, or the middle of the day if I wanted to. I didn’t care who saw! Even in the instance where I was doing something wrong at CrossFit, the coach simply stopped me, showed me how to do it and I was set to go. No embarrassment what so so ever.

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All In One Go

With other fears, such as my sudden phobia of roller coasters & planes, I just had to face them head-on. In 2016 I went on a coast to coast trip of the USA. I ended up flying from London to LA, LA to Denver, Denver to Orlando, Orlando to New York, and finally New York to London. ALL in the space of two weeks. That’s 5 flights in a fortnight. Quite a lot of flying for somebody who’s got a phobia of flying no?

It did me a world of good! I got used to take off and landing, the friendly flight attendants, and even felt relaxed enough to catch some ZZZs on a few of the flights.

On my trip to Busch Gardens yesterday, I also managed to take on two of the biggest roller coasters at the park… One of which I had been afraid of for about 6 years. I feel so much better for getting it over and done with, and the rush was amazing!


Always do something that scares you

My point is, as long as you have a plan and keep moving in the right direction there’s usually something great on the other side of your fear. You might find a new hobby that you love, or find yourself achieving your goals sooner than you thought you could. Even overcoming a fear simply to prove to yourself that you CAN can help boost your confidence and self-esteem.

So, what are you afraid of?


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