So this week I came across an article talking about the act of eating intuitively. Apparently it can help put you in a healthy mental state whilst you’re losing weight. As someone who’s dealt with negative feelings towards my own body and food, I thought I’d give it a bit of a try!


So whats the idea behind it?

Essentially, I ditched Myfitnesspal for the week. There was no counting macros or calories, I simply ate when I wanted to and how much I felt I should.

It doesn’t mean you should eat like sh*t 24/7 however, it just means you should pay attention to your body. So if you decide to eat fast food, you should think about how your body responds to the food and how you feel afterwards. How you FEEL should help guide how you eat in the future.


What did I do?

Well… I ate like sh*t for a week. I usually hold myself accountable by using my fitness pal, so every bite or meal I eat is tracked. The calories aren’t so much important to me as knowing what is in my food is. Taking that away from me meant that I ended up eating KFC 3 days in a row, excusing each meal as an increase in protein?? Because its chicken????

However, I did learn something by the end of the week. My parents offered me a McDonald’s, and because I felt so sluggish and bloated, I didn’t want it anymore. When you think you can eat an unlimited amount of bad food, something just clicks- it makes you feel awful and you don’t want it. Suddenly I was craving my homemade chicken stir fry, or just food with some sort of colour to it! I ended up listening to my body and making something healthier instead when I got home.


Would I do it again?

I mean, you can’t count calories forever. At some point I’ll have some idea of what the right portion sizes are for me, and a better idea of the macro breakdown of certain foods.

When I feel like I can go it alone, I’ll do it. I just like seeing the numbers too much right now!








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