I have recently found myself stuck in a bit of a rut. When I first started losing weight, it was almost by accident. I wasn’t happy at the time, and I couldn’t exercise at all! I had to find a way to stop packing on the pounds. When I could start walking again after the moon boot was taken off my leg, I found that I had the motivation to exercise constantly. Besides, when you cant walk properly for two months you’ll want to do more of what you took for granted before, right?


I’m super guilty of the whole “paralysis by analysis” thing.  I overthink certain situations, and the thought of how much I have to do, or how exactly I need to do it can cause me to just shut down. It’s very counterproductive and at the end of the day, you feel worse because you haven’t got what you need to do, done.

One of my constant fears is going back to the size that I was post-injury, and two weeks of drinking (FRESHAAAS) hasn’t done me a world of good either. A year ago, freshers was the exact point where I fell of the health and fitness wagon completely, and until this year I hadn’t really bothered to get back on.

So how have I over come this?


Firstly, knowing that I was about to fall off the wagon again allowed me to plan ahead. I picked up the habit of meal planning and prepping on the weekends to make sure I wasn’t eating fast food after nights out, or during the day when I’d be too hungover to put a proper meal together.

I also don’t have a car, so made a habit of walking pretty much everywhere. Sure, it takes me extra time to get to places. It’s suuuuper difficult to carry back £70 worth of food shopping from Sainsbury’s, but getting movement in when I can is helpful.


I’d been eating the same meals for months, so I had to learn to get a bit more creative! At the moment, I’m a self-proclaimed rubbish cook, but I’m learning. I’ve only just stopped being scared of putting things together from scratch without a recipe to follow.  This overnight oats recipe is lush!

I’m also keen to finish the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body guide from start to finish, including the LISS & HIIT part. The only issue is that I completed the guide up to week 10 of 12 when I did it last year. Not to knock the guide in any way because it does get results, but I find it quite boring to be doing the same exercises over and over! To combat this, I’ve upped the weights I use and increased the reps on bodyweight exercises. It’s a small difference but simply making it a bit more challenging has made the circuits fun again!


I’ve had to re-commit to my goals to make sure they are achieved. I sometimes belittle my own achievements, but in this case, I have come a long way. I’ve taken new progress pictures, signed up for Crossfit and researched some new recipes. I’ve also started a healthy eating Instagram page, just to log meals and keep myself accountable.

Beating the mid journey rut is hard, but hitting refresh has kept me positive.


What do you do when you feel stuck in a rut?


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