Soccer Six – Take Two

After what seemed to be a very long time, soccer six happened again. The first time I took my brand down there for the day, to meet loads of you guys and sell stuff from a pop up store! 
The day started off confusing (which is a story for another day, because I really don’t want to rant on here) however we stayed to watch some of our friends play football, and eventually go on to win the whole thing… We picked up nandos for lunch from the O2, and the day turned out to be decent in the end. There were also a lot of Xfactor people about. Take a look at a few snaps taken by Sarah & Katy with my camera down below.
Winners! 1/2 of the Brooks, Concept & Bailey McConnell among many.

Photo Credits go to Ben Selley for the one above.

It was an interesting day, however I don’t think it topped the end of summer Soccer Six Fest.

Did you spot anyone you know in the pictures above?

Joksie x


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