The fuller bust swimwear quest & Triangl Review

So I find myself writing this purely because this review doesn’t exist. I spent hours watching youtube videos, and browsing links, looking for a plausible dupe of any triangl bikini that would fit me right. My main concern from the beginning was “Why should I spend £60 on a bikini that might not fit me properly?”I could easily have picked one up cheap somewhere from a high street store and tried it on whilst I was there, but social media is buzzing with reviews and pictures of Triangl’s neoprene wonders and I’d had my heart set on one since the start of summer. I’m not going to post pictures of myself in the bikini just yet (please forgive me, I’ve been slacking on the gym front) but see the lily leopard bikini below:
In terms of my opinion, the bikini holds everything in place that it should, and with that I am delighted. The neoprene is thick enough to stop nipples from showing through, and it won’t cling to your skin so you won’t have any unexpected wedgies to deal with. The front does gape slightly when lying down, but that can easily be dealt with by tightening the strings on the bikini. I’m extremely happy with this purchase and may go on to purchase another color or design of the indy style as I love it so much! I have my eye on the black colour (New York Noir), as it looks like faux leather.
I found many mixed reviews, of people saying they’d had absolute sizing nightmares. People saying they’d had the support they needed, whilst others either found their bikini bottoms slipping off in the pool or cutting in because of the neoprene’s fitting. I couldn’t have been more undecided by that point. I really wanted one but couldn’t decide if it was worth the money, so I thought to try something out before I bought one direct from their site. I bought a duplicate!
It is a duplicate of the chloe style in cobalt, and it’s fitting looked like absolute hell. The bottoms cut in which made my thighs look hideous, and the cups were extremely unforgiving. I ordered a size large in top, expecting it to support and cover everything which it didn’t. So with a DD/E verging cup size (fuller bust and small back width) I thought the chloe style’s adjustability would make a difference to the fitting, but I was proved wrong. I couldn’t decide if this was because I’d been naughty and spent a mere £8.99 on a dupe from ebay which arrived at my front door within 24 hours, or I merely was just getting the style I needed completely wrong.
I had to reevaluate my options at this point, because it was clear I was going to have to compromise which bikini I got in order to get it to fit around my boobs. Sorry to be frank. Here was my wishlist in order:
After once again doing extensive research I found out a couple of things. Bikinis one and three above (Penny Wanderlust and Twiggy Stardust) had been redesigned by Triangl, so now have adjustable straps. Dupe sites haven’t caught on to this, so if you really do want support from these bikinis, I recommend you get them direct from  Triangl. The second thing is that I spoke to someone direct from triangl on their website, asking information about bra size vs styles of bikini that would fit appropriately (I was recommended to try the Chloe style even though I had and it didn’t fit properly, hm.) however I was also told to look more into the Indy styles available as they have XL tops, as do the Ollie styles. That was how I came to choose Indy, lily leopard. There are only just recently dupes of this that have become available and aren’t that hard to find if you really want them.
The bottom line here, is that if you’ve got a butt or boobs you’re going to have to go a size up and get a bikini that’s as adjustable as possible, so that it fits you properly. So Triangl – please cater for your bigger customers- there’s not nearly enough reviews from fuller shaped girls of your bikinis out there…


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